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Eat, drink and…
laugh with taste!

In the Smalzi venues in Florence, you can find beauty, taste and a warm welcome.

Come in, sit down, and enjoy a lovely Italian lunch admiring the sights up high.

The Duomo cathedral of Florence stands tall and majestic before your very eyes, framing a moment of pure beauty.

Whether over a glass of wine, a home-made ice cream and a smile with Fiorenzo Smalzi, the palate is satisfied, the eyes smile and the tummy thanks all!

As a dessert or at any time of the day, all the taste of a good home-made ice cream, 100% natural!

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Just how coffee should be! Strong, intense or decaf, to round off a meal the Italian way.

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The taste of Italian wines with Wine Emotion tasting events!

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All the delights of Italian cuisine: pizza, pasta, lasagne, tortellini....all you need to do now is “tuck in”!

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Come and see us at Smalzi Bar
in Piazza Duomo
and the Smalzi ice cream parlour
in Via dei Servi in Florence!